Award-Winning FB Holden 'Tailspin' Enters MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame

Adam and Kylie Perry’s wild concept-turned-reality 1960 FB Holden is set to stun crowds once again at this weekends Meguiar’s MotorEx 21.

This crazy back-to-front FB Holden concept was brought to life by Kylie and Adam Perry who sort the advice and guidance of none other than street machining legend and three-time Summernats Grand Champion winner Howard Astill. The roof of the car is from a Nissan R33 Skyline, but you’d be hard pressed to spot any Nissan left in it. 

The entire car is built upon thousands of hours of bespoke body work, and the level of finish on the car is second to none. If it wasn’t obvious already, building something on the safer side of life was never an option for Adam and Kylie, and the boundaries have been well and truely pushed with Tailspin.

Adam and Kylie were super hands on during the build, learning plenty from Astill as the build progressed. It’s great to see people build something so unique, to their taste and be shamelessly proud of the incredible outcome of the car. As you’d expect, a car like this has won just about every top gong in the Australian show scene, with top awards at both Street Machine Summernats and Meguiar’s MotorEx. 

The car hasn’t been out much since, only to a few shows, but as part of the Show Car Hall of Fame it’s back on display this weekend in all its glory - it’s even going to be displayed on its ‘Grand Master’ show stand. JBens went out to catch up with the Kylie before MotorEx as they were preparing the car for the biggest weekend on the Australian show circuit. 

Check out the video below and be sure to come see this incredible build in person this weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

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