Super easy V6 to LS conversion mounts for VT - VZ Commodores

Wanting to LS swap your VT-VZ V6 Holden? Then Tuff Mounts have made these headache savings, super simple conversion mounts!
Super easy V6 to LS conversion mounts for VT - VZ Commodores

If you’ve got a factory V6 VT to VZ Holden and are wanting to do an LS conversion, you may have already figured out you need a V8 front subframe to do the swap - or do you?

With those V8 specific parts getting harder to find and more expensive, Jason Waye and his crew at Tuff Mounts in Adelaide answered the call of consumers pleading for a simpler solution.

V8 K-frames are getting scarce,” Jason says. 
We’ve been getting more and more people asking if we do LS engine mounts for V6s and we’d say ‘get a V8 K-frame, it’s easy.’ They’d say ‘no, it’s not!’”

Having been conversion mount specialists since their inception 15 odd years ago, Tuff Mounts had no issues filling this hole in the market. 

Can I LS swap my VT-VZ with the V6 K-frame?

You can now buy off the shelf mounts to put an LS into a VT-VZ V6 Holden from Tuff Mounts, while retaining the original V6 front crossmember. That means you don’t need to source a V8 crossmember, saving time and money! View the engine mount kit here.

Do they also do transmission crossmembers?

With the engine side sorted, what about the transmission? Well Tuff Mounts aren’t that daft, so they also offer mounts to suit 4L60, 4L80, 6L80, Turbo 350/400 and Powerglide automatic transmissions to bolt straight in.  

Got a manual? They also do mounts to suit both the T56 and TR6060 ‘boxes as well, so you’ve got all bases covered!

The VT-VZ conversion kits are added to the plethora of conversion options Tuff Mounts offer to LS swap your Commodore, making kits to also suit VB-VS Commodores. And if you’re having impure thoughts, they even make conversion mounts to stick a Barra in your pre-VT Commodore as well!

To find out more and check out the full range, simply head to


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