Vortech-blown, LSX VY SS Commodore wagon

Dave Troisi’s VY SS wagon was already a rare thing, now boasting over 900rwhp of blown LS - and through a manual!
Vortech-blown, LSX VY SS Commodore wagon

With only 250 made of each generation, the SS version of the VY Commodore wagon is a pretty rare thing. That didn’t stop Dave Troisi from modifying his factory manual Series II example, keeping the basic roots of the car while dialling everything up to 11.

Gone is the LS1, replaced with a 402ci LSX. Using a Vortech V7 blower and spicy internals, the package pumps out 688rwkW; around 920rwhp.

Dave kept the original manual ‘box, and the rear end is still Holden IRS, just with a beefed up diff and pair of axles. 

When he got the wagon in 2006, it was originally his work car. Once retired from those duties, Dave’s lovely wife had the wagon resprayed in Jaguar Black Cherry. It’s had a few sets of wheels over the years, currently wearing a full set of FR Simmons.

Under those wheels is a complete set of Harrop stoppers, which’re needed to pull up 1500kg+ of wagon metal with near 700rwkW. 

Inside, a red leather interior is enhanced with a front pair of HSV Coulson seats. Dave uses the wagon regularly, even doing a spot of roll racing.  

With the 4.11:1 upgraded diff ratio, it has no issue lighting up the rears with a breath on the loud pedal, but still has heaps of space for kids in the back - the perfect family car!

Photos Shaun Tanner


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