This VL Calais Turbo is an exercise in perfection

Paul Vaviti’s VL Calais Turbo caught our eye in a big way at Melbourne’s Meguiar’s MotorEx
Paul Vavitis’s genuine 1986 VL Calais Turbo

As far as family heirlooms go, Paul Vavitis’s genuine 1986 VL Calais Turbo is hard to beat. Passed down from his father who purchased it brand new, Paul rebuilt the VL to not only be one of the tidiest in the country, but also pay tribute to his late brother Zac.

At first glance, it may just look like another VL on Simmons. However, the longer you stare at it, the more you notice all the one percenters that’ve been given the extra attention most would overlook.

The upper sections of the doors are painted a high gloss black, rather than the factory flat. Same goes for the side mirrors and the upper door moulds, which would normally be a plain finish. And you can just about see your reflection in the rear garnish and taillight trim. 

Poke under the bonnet, and the forged RB30 built by CK Automotive is adorned in pristinely-cleaned chrome to match the wheels. 

We spotted the VL at Meguiar’s MotorEx #22 in Melbourne, and what makes the VLs presentation all the more impressive is Paul drove the thing to and from the event from his home in south east Melbourne.

To fit the big 22x10 rear wheels, a four link and tubs from PSIDUP Fabrications provides the real estate. Inside, the interior is exquisitely reappointed in Calais trim. The rear seat features a moulded pair of buckets, though less obvious compared to many attempts these days.

It’s a full credit to Paul and his family for such a stellar machine, as it’s a bloody hard thing to stand out in the VL crowd these days - but this one does just that.

Photos: Noah Thorley & Chris Thorogood


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