Video: World-first, Harrop-blown small-block Ford wows at MotorEx 2024

Ross Gangemi’s 1965 Mustang unveil at MotorEx 2024 was made all the more impressive with the blown V8 under its bonnet

When Ross Gangemi saw the 800hp+, 363ci Windsor on Harrop’s YouTube channel screaming with their brand new TVS2650 SBF blower, he knew he needed that engine for his 1965 Mustang Fastback build.

“When I saw that engine and I knew we were building the car, I rang Frank [Marchese] and said ‘please please please, I need that engine in my car’,” says Ross. 
“I saw the way that engine performed and the sound, I thought it’s the perfect match to what my vision is for the car.”

Ross has owned the Mustang since 2015, opting to take it to the next level in what turned into a mammoth six month, all-out build to get it done in time for its grand unveiling at MotorEx.

There were plenty of hands on deck to get the job done, including Automotive Creations and MPW Performance & Race Fab. The idea was to build a Shelby-style tribute but with a modern twist, and Ross was over the moon with the outcome.

As for the engine under that blower, it’s a Dandy Engines build, using a 302-base Windsor with a 347 crank. Frank Marchese of Dandy Engines says there’s nothing particularly special about the engine itself:

“Everything is off the shelf for it, it’s a pretty simple combo we do,” he says. “It uses one of our 232 camshafts, and it made around the 450hp aspirated pretty easily.”

However, with the Harrop TVS2560 fitted, power output nearly doubled. On pump 98 it made just over 800hp, with that figure going north of 900hp on E85. 

For a bit of fun, this engine was also subject to being tested with the optional 10 rib, concentrated Harrop pulley system for track use. That setup spun up 22psi of boost, yielding north of 1000hp! Not bad for a little Windsor.

“In a street car, I don’t think you could come up with another combination that makes power on tap like these,” says Frank Marchese.

Photos: Shaun Tanner & Chris Thorogood


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