VIDEO: Fitzy's TRILOGY FC Into MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame, FC Wagon In The Build

Summernats legend Peter Fitzpatrick showcases his famous FC Holden, TRILOGY, at the MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame. The car features a twin-turbo Small Block Chev engine, producing 750hp, with a meticulous design. Fitzpatrick also reveals a new FC Holden Wagon project, which will focus on driving capabilities, including an RB30 turbo engine and custom suspension.

To many, 'TRILOGY' is the most famous FC Holden in the country. The owner is none other than Summernats legend and six-time Grand Champion winner Peter Fitzpatrick.

Ahead of the MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame, where TRILOGY will be on display, JBens caught up with Fitzy to chat about what a special car show MotorEx is, talk about the famous FC as well as get a look at Fitzy's new FC Holden Wagon project - a future MotorEx car no doubt.

For those who don’t know, Fitzy’s FC runs a twin-turbo Small Block Chev that pumps out around 750hp. If you ever get an opportunity (you certainly can at MotorEx this weekend) to see under the bonnet do so. The level of engineering is off the chart - and some of the things you can’t see, if you know about them, would blow your mind.

The FC has had a few changes over the years; it’s been white and blue, then blue and white, and now two-tone green. The interior is a work of art, as is the level of fine detail.

In the video Fitzy was more than happy to talk about his new project which he said “will be more of a driver”. As you’ll see in the video the FC Holden Wagon is getting an RB30 turbo engine and no doubt has a bright future at track days thanks to a Skyline GT-R rear end and a custom front suspension setup.

Fitzy’s FC Holden is a very deserving invitee to the MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame given it won ‘Street Machine Of The Decade’ back in 2010. To see TRILOGY in person make sure you get to MotorEx this weekend May 6 and 7 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

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