2023 MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame

The 2023 MotorEx Show Car Hall of Fame features extraordinary vehicles from past winners, showcasing automotive innovation and engineering.

When you look back over the last twenty-one years and the evolution of the automotive industry it is nothing short of spectacular, and that’s exactly what this year will be. Bringing to you the MotorEx Show Car Hall Of Fame for 2023.

We have the best of the best returning in an extraordinary line up from more than two generations past, a display showcasing just why these builds were picked as your winners over the years of amazing innovation.

Jack Zee – 1938 Ford Fordson Van

Jack Zee’s 1938 ‘Speedbox’ Fordson Van Painted in Avocado Crush Green with a tailgate/barn doors, flip front and suicide doors is a thing of engineering greatness. Powered by a 383ci Chevy V8, Turbo 400 and floating nine-inch hidden up inside the huge rear wheel tubs, the interior also fully fabricated sheet metal with hidden wiring concealed inside the inner side panels.

Kylie Perry – 1960 FB Holden

Kylie Perry’s ‘Tailspin’ was inspired a concept drawing of a backwards two door EK Holden, from that planning resulted in using the base of a 1960 FB Holden and the roofline of a Nissan R33 Skyline. Painted in a Custom PPG Vibrance Green/Gold and powered by a 308ci Holden with VN heads with ECU upgraded to Haltech. The detail underneath this vehicle is just as good as the outside finish.

Owen Webb - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Owen Webb’s 1969 Camaro with LS1, Turbo 400 and nine-inch diff is highly detailed from top to bottom, coated in a custom HOK Apple Red Urethane Kandy mix made from Jon Kosmoski himself. The interior complimenting his coupe in a black leather with loads of extras including a custom sheet metal engine bay. Unveiled in 2010 this beauty was painted by Owen himself. It’s nice to see one from his personal collection as a highly respected painter of our time.

Mark Tarabay – 2001 Nissan 200SX S15

Mark Tarabay’s 2001 Nissan 200SX was painted by brother Ronnie in a Lime Time Green House of Kolor Kandy and sports a with custom dark green leather interior. This three-year build has loads of engineering and custom fabrication, including the 20B turbo rotary engine, three-quarter chassis, fabricated engine bay and the custom Budnik wheels - the only thing stock on this car is the roof skin. It’s great to see it back on show.

Mick Fabar – 1967 Ford XR Falcon

Mick Fabar’s 1967 XR Flacon is an engineering and fabrication marvel. ZERO'D was designed to have a zero-carbon footprint. This Summernats 26 Grand Champ winner is painted in HOK with satin body colour undercarriage. With too many body mods to mention, the build only took seven months with 18 months of planning on top. ZERO'D is powered by a 7.3-litre Ford Powerstroke turbo diesel (taken from a Ford F350), uses a highly modified four-speed box and Jag front end - with all but the tyres and a few more things all made from recycled parts. This build really set the standard for other builders to think out the box.

Peter Fitzpatrick – 1959 FC Holden

Mater craftsman Peter Fitzpatrick’s 1959 FC Holden has had three different restorations over its life so far, each time evolving with new age technology. Its must current is coated in a stunning two-toned HOK Clover Green Kandy with an injected 440ci twin-turbo Small Block Chev, nine-inch Strange diff housing and carrier with the truetrac centre. Peter’s build inspired by Mick Fabar’s ZERO'D, showing why these builds are great for the industry.

Malcolm Apps – 1959 FC Holden

Malcolm Apps' 1959 FC Holden is an eye catching HOK Oriental Blue kandy with white pearl roof, sitting on a fully fabricated chassis and running a fuel injected 350ci Chev and box combo. Unveiled in 2015 with massive amounts of fabrication it took out the very first Laurie Starling Award, showing just how impressive this build is. The interior just as detailed as the body, with a mix of weir sahara/cashmere leather and billet seat/door inserts matching all the details throughout the design.

Brenton Dalwood – 1935 Ford Coupe

Brenton Dalwood’s stunning five-window 1935 Ford Coupe was a fourteen-year build by father and son that exceeded all expectations. The classy PPG Gold that carries from the underside to the flawless outer duco is truly stunning, the custom interior just as impressive in a beige leather. Since unveiling at the Adelaide Extreme Expo in 2022 Brenton has 12-months of the elite show circuit, during this time taking out every award he could at these shows including Grand Master at last year's MotorEx.

Darrell Leemhuis – 1990 Holden Rodeo 

Darrell Leemhuis’s 1990 Holden Rodeo Mini Truck ‘BOOSTED’ is something very special as proven by taking out Champion of the Decade in 2010 MotorEx and Grand Champion at Summernats 22. This truck bagged out yet still produces over 300kW at the rear, Unveiled at the Meguiar’s MotorEx in 2006. This was a six-year build with Darrell choosing a great mix of three HOK reds rolling on a Galaxy Grey chassis.

Chris Retzos – 1957 Chevrolet BelAir

Chris Retzos’s gorgeous red 540ci 1957 Chevy BelAir has had hundreds of man hours spent fabricating and perfecting this huge body - the only original panels are the roof and wiper panel. Noticeably smoothed lines with reshaped wheel arches, cut/shut and tucked bumpers, the entire coupe is detailed to perfection. The interior a stunning bright red leather, the floor also in leather.

Steve Aldrick – 1934 Ford Coupe

Ewen and Linda MacDonald’s 1934 Ford Coupe ‘Razor’ is the stunning silver hot rod that put Deluxe Rod Shop on the map. This 6.2-litre LS3 with cross-trumpet injection and five-speed box is detailed in a satin olive green, with 5.5-inch bobbed rear guards and rear panel and one punch alloy floor pan. Loads of hand-made body parts and interior parts show the great craftmanship.

Gareth Davies – Custom Sidecar

Gareth Davies Custom Sidecar was a stand-out from the 2019 MotorEx hall - a valid entry for our returning Hall of Fame. This build came from the inspiration of Gareth’s father’s love of speedway back in the day. Gareth's dad seeing the bike unveiled at the show was a truly special moment. The gloss red paint with rivets and sheet metal design was also an inspiration from his father. It features a hand-made frame and runs a RevTech 100ci engine. A front runner was used for the side cart and the seat is from wife Michelle’s award-winning Torana.

When you look at this impressive line-up of builds it makes you wonder what we have in store for this year’s potential Grand Master. There’s one thing we can be sure of and it’s that there will be an array of great contenders.

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