VIDEO: ZERO'D Ready For MotorEx 21, Plus Shed Tour

ZERO'D, Mick Fabar's award-winning, carbon-neutral Ford XR Falcon, played a key role in classic cars accessing club registration in NSW. The meticulously detailed, trophy-winning car will be displayed at MotorEx 21.

Over the years many car builds have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. One that certainly made headlines a decade ago was ZERO’D, the Ford XR Falcon owned by Mick Fabar. To this day people still talk about the build, the environmental factors of how it was built and the process of how it was built.

After ZERO’D was unveiled it went on to win just about everything possible, including Summernats 26 Grand Champion, MotorEx Best Of Breed, People’s Choice and much more. What many people don’t know is the car played a huge part in how classic cars now have access to club registration in NSW. Not to mention its certified status in being carbon neutral.

We were lucky enough to be invited by Mick Fabar to head out to Orange, NSW ahead of MotorEx 21 where ZERO’D will be on display in the Show Car Hall Of Fame at Melbourne Showgrounds. While at Mick’s house we were also lucky enough to check out some of the other cool builds Mick has in his collection - think RAWR, SWU-OOP, ZA500 and more.

In our visit to Orange Mick also gave us a detailed walk around ZERO’D - the details on this car are insane and it’s a must watch. The passion behind the car and the process (explained) is simply mind blowing. Everything from how the centre fuel filler was built into the rear windscreen, to the solar panels that sit on the rear parcel shelf, to the radiator vents that appear at first to be exhaust tips - it’s literally insane.

Given the car hasn’t been out of Mick’s temperature controlled shed for nearly 10 years we also got some insight in what it takes to prepare an elite, trophy-winning car for a car show. Be sure to check out the two videos below, one detailing bringing ZERO’D to MotorEx and the other a very special shed tour and detailed look at Mick’s very special Powerstroke turbo-diesel XR Falcon.

MotorEx is only days away so if you’d like to see cars like ZERO’D, plus many more legends of the sport in the Show Car Hall Of Fame be sure to grab your tickets and head to Melbourne Showgrounds this weekend, May 6-7.

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