Heavy Metal Garage LS Engine Accessory Drive Kits

The Aussie legends at Heavy Metal Garage will sort your LS for any accessory drive combination you need
Heavy Metal Garage LS accessory drive

LS swaps are as common as butter on bread, but often the accessory drive needs a switch up to fit in different types of cars and tight engine bays.

There’s a multitude of options out there to both relocate, delete and change around your accessories on an LS; and our favourite is from Queensland-based company Heavy Metal Garage.

Lead by husband-and-wife duo Charles ‘Chuck’ and Rhea Fakes, they started making these products as a result of overcoming issues with LS swaps while building customer cars.

 We developed all these parts as we built customer cars. The idea is to not only make it easier to package LSs into tight engine bays, but also make them look cooler and less ugly for us hot rodders,” says Chuck.

 Here’s a taste of some of their LS goodies, and they’ve also started making them for Ford’s 7.3-litre Godzilla V8.


 At the forefront of the Heavy Metal Garage brand is the LS clockwise water pump. Designed by Charles, it simplified the system dramatically by making the water pump spin in the same direction as the crank, unlike the factory systems that do the opposite.



It’s all about clearance. If you want to retain power steering or air con with your LS swap, Heavy Metal Garage make a range of bracket kits that allow you do to this seamlessly. The other advantage of mounting accessories lower down is neatening up the engine bay. If you plan to disguise your LS or just want less junk up high, these kits are perfect. Made for all Gen III and Gen IV LS engines, you’ll find a combination to suit your needs.



Rather than just changing one or two parts of the system, Heavy Metal Garage will supply a complete kit to suit your Gen III LS1 or Gen IV LS2/LS3/LSA. The kits give simplification to the system, using HMG’s clockwise water pump.

That means you can delete pulleys the factory reverse-rotation water pump uses, and also makes ditching power steering and air con a hell of a lot easier.

To see the full range of LS accessories, check out Heavy Metal Garage’s website here.

Read more about Heavy Metal Garage here.


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