Lando Norris Hails Oscar Piastri a Formidable Force in F1

Lando Norris praises new teammate Oscar Piastri as a formidable challenge at McLaren, surpassing Sainz and Ricciardo in talent and competitiveness in Formula 1.
Lando Norris Hails Oscar Piastri a Formidable Force in F1

Lando Norris has openly stated that Oscar Piastri, his new teammate at McLaren, is proving to be a more challenging competitor than both Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo. Reflecting on his time with Sainz, Norris recalls a well-matched partnership, fondly remembered as 'Carlando' due to their close friendship.

The dynamic at McLaren shifted with Ricciardo's arrival. Norris demonstrated a clear edge over Ricciardo, contributing to the latter's exit from the team before his contract concluded. Norris's performances have been consistently strong, as evidenced by his seven podiums in 2023, while Piastri, despite being a rookie, managed two podium finishes and an impressive Sprint victory in Qatar.

Norris has noted Piastri's growing competitiveness, stating,

 "Already he gave me a good challenge last year, and I think we’ve worked together very well." 

He acknowledges Piastri's talent and work ethic, emphasizing the positive impact of having a teammate who pushes him to excel. Norris added, 

"As much as you hate it, you also like it and you welcome it because I want to make sure I'm in the best position for when I am fighting for a championship."

Comparing Piastri to his former teammates, Norris believes that Piastri stands out. He shared with Sky Sports, 

"I mean, already he is [a tougher challenge]. So yes." 

This sentiment reflects the high regard Norris has for Piastri's skills and their potential as a team.

Norris further commented on their collaborative effort at McLaren, 

"He helped the team massively and I think we’ve worked together very well because we have the same target. We want to be champions and we want to win races."

With Piastri's arrival, Norris sees a renewed energy and challenge within the McLaren team, setting the stage for more intense competitions and a promising future in Formula 1 racing.


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