New Supras Are Better With Engine Swaps, And That's A Fact!

The JZA90 Supra, Toyota's attempt to revive the iconic name, fell short of expectations with underwhelming performance, leading enthusiasts to enhance it with custom engine swaps.

The JZA90 may very well be the automotive rerun that nobody wanted. There, I said it.

Its JZA80 predecessor enjoyed decades of the kind of love that only 90s era Japanese performance cars can but then, drunk on nostalgia and desperate to show some breadth to their product line up, Toyota decided to rehash the legendary Supra nameplate.

And when we say ‘rehash’, we obviously mean reheat, in the same way you’d microwave a frozen dinner and be instantly disappointed. Nothing new or special was cooked up. It wasn’t the second coming that we were all waiting for. The styling was there or thereabouts, but the boosted four-banger couldn’t even match the power output of the legendary 2JZ-GTE from the JZA80!

The internet was furious, and instantly set about righting this wrong by performing countless engine swaps on these brand new performance cars! Auto shows around the world were alight with JZA90s copping 2JZ engine swaps, while in Japan, drifter Masato Kawabata transplanted a 3UZ-FE V8.

However, it was YouTuber Adam LZ who finally married all the things I like the least into one, Supra-shaped delight when he debuted his quad-rotor Supra drift car. The naturally aspirated 26B allegedly makes 450hp and revs to 11,000rpm, with engine management provided by the Aussie legends at Haltech!

After debuting the car as a clean skin, Adam LZ has recently revamped the visual package to include some more aggressive aero and styling, as well as a wrap to make it look more at home on the track as he wheels it at his drift events around the world.


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