Rear-Drive Honda Civic: A Turbo S2000 Hatchback in Disguise

Throtl transforms a Honda Civic with S2000 tech into a rear-drive beast, spotlighted by Larry Chen for its innovative design.
Rear wheel Drive Honda Civic

Throtl Honda Civic Rear-Drive Project

Within the world of car innovation, the sky's the limit, and for a dedicated few, wild customisations are more than just a hobby – they're a lifestyle. While many fantasise about the ultimate build, only a handful transform these dreams into tangible results. Throtl, a website specialising in tuner parts, is among those few. They boldly constructed a rear-wheel drive EK Honda Civic hatchback, equipping it with a formidable 500-horsepower turbo K20 engine.

Larry Chen Features Stealthy Rear-Drive Civic

Showcased on Larry Chen's YouTube channel, this car, at first glance, appears as a highly-customised widebody Civic. However, its true marvel, the rear-drive conversion, remains subtly hidden. Only the most astute Honda aficionados might spot the elevated transmission tunnel, a clever adaptation to fit the S2000 drivetrain used in this impressive transformation.

The Civic's S2000 Drivetrain Swap

Despite its drastically altered drivetrain, the modifications to this car are surprisingly subtle. Much of the original metalwork remains intact, with only discreet changes made to fit the longitudinal engine. The interior retains its stock dashboard, and the engine bay shows little sign of alteration. The real ingenuity of this conversion lies beneath the surface, where significant work has been done on the transmission tunnel to house the S2000 gearbox. Additional adjustments were made to create room for a custom driveshaft. To complete the transformation, it features a modified rear subframe and adapted rear hubs to support the S2000 rear differential.

Far From a Display Piece

This Honda is far from just a display piece. Mickey Andrade, the head of content creation for Throtl, has not only showcased it in the Gridlife time attack but also enjoyed it on track days for sheer pleasure. It's a vehicle that's experienced genuine action and, due to its compact wheelbase combined with high horsepower, is known to be a challenge to handle. Currently, it's somewhat under-equipped in the tire department, sporting only 245mm wide tires – a feature Andrade plans to upgrade. Notably, the car is also capable of impressive burnouts. Read our recent post on the The Evolution Of Burnout Competitions in Australia.

There's something uniquely thrilling about a car that conceals its extraordinary nature under an unassuming exterior. This Civic perfectly embodies that concept, merging the ridiculous with the deceptively ordinary.

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