Pontiac Pro Tourer Meets Marine Motor

The timeless lines of an American muscle car meet ungodly levels of cool, thanks to a boat motor?

As well as being one of the most insanely horny custom Pontiacs since Iain Kelly’s Pontiac Bonneville was shot for Street Machine, this verifiably droolworthy 2+2 hides a high tech secret under that hood, lathered in Aston Martin blue paint so deep you could just about swim in it!

The Poncho boasts a Mercury (yep, the boat engine guys) SB4 engine which uses an LS7 short block coupled with the company’s very own dual overhead cam cylinder head. The result is a unique looking engine package, boasting four valves per cylinder, and a whopping 700 naturally aspirated horsepower.- 245hp more than a standard LS7 that Mecury’s engineers attribute to the efficiency of the alloy, DOHC cylinder heads.

Improved stability in the drivetrain (read: ditching the pushrods and rockers) tacks another 1000rpm on the LS7s redline, meaning that aside from being insanely cool and eye wateringly fast, it’d probably scream like a damned banshee!

The Tin Indian surrounding this mechanical eye candy is a Roadster Shop-built Pontiac 2+2 that uses one of their custom chassis that brings the old land barge in to the modern era and makes it handle and stop. Tubular arms, IRS, spline sway bars and huge 19x10 and 20x12 inch wheels ring fence this build as a proper Pro Tourer, and earns it a spot on our Automotive Bucket List!


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