This LX Torana is a throwback to the glory days of RB30 tuning

In this era of billet blocks and high tech control systems, this LX Torana does simple and old school

Dante Loriggio has been playing with his RB30-swapped 1977 LX Torana for the last 15 or so years, which would explain why a peak under the bonnet is like stepping back in time. 

We came across his car at the first Hardass 1000 drag and drive in March, where he gave us a rundown on the LX.

“I guess it is a bit of an old school build compared to today, but it’s a package that still works well,” says Dante.

The RB30 combo started out as an aspirated engine, now boasting forged rods and pistons. The single cam head uses a Crow Cams 503TX2 camshaft, and the intake is a cut and shut aspirated intake manifold.

Those with solid peepers will also note the distributor is still in place. While the done thing these days is to delete it in favour of a trigger setup and coilpacks, that was less of a possibility when Dante whipped together this package 15 years ago. 

The rest of the driveline is just as simplistic, with a Jatco three speed ‘box, and you won’t find a nine-inch under tubs and 275 tyres. At the Hardass the Torry was running a slim 225 under the stock arches, which is still enough to keep the Torana gripped up and into the low 11s with its 280rwkW.

“We’ve done an 11.5 so far,” Dante told us at the Hardass 1000. “But the car has done an 11.1 PB previously.”

The Hardass was also Dante’s first drag and drive, much like many in the field. The Torana made it through the week, Dante lording the experience:

“It’s been an amazing week, it’s so cool to spend a week with so many like minded people, enjoying cars and each other’s company,” he says

Photos: Chris Thorogood, Michelle Porobic, Luke Hunter


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