Insanity At The Hoonigan Burnyard - SEMA 2023

​This year at SEMA the Hoonigan Compound was jam-packed full of insane cars, crazy trucks (4x4 utes), Hoonigan icons, slammed Euros, fast hatchbacks, race cars; there was everything.

We headed over to check out many things at SEMA 2023. It was a must that we stopped by the Hoonigan Compound where cars from all walks of life were on display. Also inside was the Hoonigan Burnyard with loads of cars and stars literally setting their rear tyres alight for two sessions a day, Tuesday to Thursday.

Each session the packed crowd would watch on as Zach, Garry and many others from Hoonigan stable used their microphones to introduce each car and keep the crowd revved up.

 Loads of cars from famous YouTubers and drifters alike went crazy, and in a special appearance, Luke Fink (pro drifter) and Kyle Douglas (LUXIFER) from Australia put on a masterclass show, representing Down Under with pride.

Be sure to checkout the two videos below to see what it was like inside the Hoonigan Compound (the cars and the vibe) and also how the cars performed in the Burnyard. All in all, it was seriously entertaining. And arguably the place to be for ‘hoons’ to be during SEMA.


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