This Twin-Engined Nissan 350z Is INSANE!

Nissan 350z owners have been known for some radical engine swaps to replace that oil-burning VQ engine, but we've never seen anything like this!

The cars of Las Vegas' SEMA show have always been some of the most wild and extreme builds, with the clear intention of making waves on the interwebs. One such vehicle is this twin-engined Honda powered Nissan 350z, and I mean, what's more extreme than the idea of adding an entire extra engine?

I'm unashamedly a fan of pretty much any Nissan sports car, and while I don't mind the VQ platform I must admit I'm also fond of Honda's sky-high revving K-series engine. 

We've all seen our fair share of K24 swapped cars, but the idea of twin-powering a 350z with  Honda's hall-of-fame engine is something totally left of field. It brings a whole host of boost, and also brings all-wheel drive power into the popular Z33 chassis.

The K24s have seen a slew of changes, with both engines operated by Hondata K-Pro ECUs and both have custom valve covers, 2200cc injectors, new throttle bodies and BMW electric water pumps. The engines are then paired up with two (yes, two) five-speed transmissions from EP3 Honda Civics which are then controlled by a single shifter inside the cockpit. With two ECUs also comes two seperate electronic dashboards.

The 350z platform sits on adjustable air suspension and tucks some massive 19x12 (f) and 19x4.5 (r) Weds LXZ wheels wrapped in 305/30 front and 355/30 rear Kumho tyres. Behind the massive dished wheels you'll spot front Brembo brake calipers off a Genesis coupe, and a slew of custom carbon-fibre bits throughout the interior and exterior. The nismo 370z front bar also looks at home on the car with custom aero and an extreme widebody kit finishing off the wild look of the car. 

This is surely one of the wildest builds we've seen in ages, and it’s definitely done the rounds on the web — so mission accomplished! 


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