Ringbrothers Unveil Hellephant-Powered 1969 Dodge Charger ‘TUSK’ (video)

The Ringbrothers, the renowned custom car builders, have unveiled their latest masterpiece ‘TUSK’, a meticulous reimagining of the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger. This automotive masterpiece is the result of over 5000 hours of work, design, to end up with a build that is of insane quality.

Featuring extensive fabrication and carbon fibre components seamlessly integrated with a modern chassis, suspension, and Mopar's most powerful crate engine - the 1000 horsepower Hellephant. With 950ft-lbs of torque delivered to the rear wheels, this 426ci supercharged V8 is paired with a Bowler TREMEC T-56 Magnum six-speed manual and a custom carbon fibre driveshaft.

Every aspect of TUSK has been custom tailored by the skilled hands of the Ringbrothers (Jim and Mike Ring) team. The Charger's iconic front end boasts an exposed carbon fibre surround with a single piece of billet machined chrome trim - giving it the distinctive ‘blind-eye’ grille. The front and rear bumpers have been meticulously tucked and narrowed, further enhancing the Charger's imposing presence.

BASF Glasurit's ‘Black To The Future’ paint gives the Charger's tapered fenders and muscular proportions a very menacing look, while contrasting gold elements hint at the grunt that sits up front. The Charger features a custom Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis, Fox RS SV coilovers, and Baer Brakes Extreme 6S six-piston calipers for ample stopping power.

Inside, modern comforts and conveniences meet classic styling, featuring a custom leather interior with a carbon fibre console, and a Mopar-inspired custom carbon fibre ‘pistol grip’ shifter. The bespoke interior, appointed with a Gentex rearview mirror, Dakota Digital gauges, and a Vintage Air Gen IV climate-control system, really does showcase both refinement and sophistication.

TUSK is a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge techniques, meticulous craftsmanship, and boundless imagination. It pays homage to the zenith of American muscle car styling and performance/ With partners like HRE Wheels, BASF, Miller Welding, and others supporting the project, TUSK stands to what can be achieved when passion meets precision in the world of automotive design and engineering. And if one thing is clear, the Ringbrothers really do build world-class cars.

Our very own Owen Webb caught up with Jim and Mike Ring at SEMA 2023. Not only did they unveil TUSK at SEMA, but they also had an LT4-swapped Rolls Royce as well as a Mustang convertible on display. Watch the video below for more.


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