In The Build: Barra-powered VL Turbo

Barra VLs seem to be the flavour of the moment, and the cross-pollination of age-old rivals is setting the internet ablaze!

Almost as controversial as putting an LS engine in to an XY Falcon (though that does sound like a good idea!), Barra swaps in to Commodores are nothing new. And certainly, of all the Commodores that could be swept up in a fit of rage about GMH purity, the VL is the last at the end of that long line, adopting the Nissan straight six to meet emissions in the late 80s.

Seeing examples of Barra-swapped Commodores like this one currently in the build at PSIDUP Fabrications affirms their place in the zeitgeist for me - slapping one in because they’re a cheap way to make power doesn;t thrill me, but when the conversion is this clean and well detailed, I’m prepared to give it a pass.

In what appears to be a genuine VL Berlina Turbo shell - complete with rare Madeira Red interior and a sunroof, no less - is a whopping single turbo Barra thar’s been neatly detailed with Rose Gold coatings on the intake and exhaust.

The chassis itself has been treated t a host of go-fast goodies and appears to be destined for radial racing, copping a 35-spline 9in diff and Viking shocks, while a 6-point cage and parachute will keep the sanctioning bodies at bay.

The tough street look is topped off by the Hero Drag Radials on the rear of the car - we can;t wait to see more pictures of this thing finished!


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