Stealth Turbo install - TorqHub VH Wagon

Explore the detailed journey of a stealth turbo kit installation in our latest blog post. Dive into the complexities of custom car modifications, from precision pipe bending to meticulous welding, and discover the ingenuity behind a hidden yet efficient turbo setup. Ideal for car enthusiasts and modification professionals.

In the realm of custom car modifications, the journey of installing a stealth turbo kit is both fascinating and complex. Recently, we came across an intriguing video from our mates at TorqHub that documents the process. The creators embarked on a challenging mission to install a remount turbo kit, ensuring it remained hidden yet fully functional.

The Stealth Mission

The primary objective of this project was to install the turbo kit in a way that it remained virtually undetectable. The video showcases the meticulous routing of the charge pipe through the wheel arch, behind the coilovers, and into the engine bay, all while maintaining the car's original aesthetic. This approach required not just technical skill but also a creative vision. They had to ensure that the pipe did not interfere with critical components like steering arms and tie rods, all while considering the heat exposure and space constraints.

The Art of Pipe Bending

The process of bending the pipes to fit perfectly was particularly interesting. The team used standard 45 and 90-degree bends, adjusting the leg lengths. Their trial-and-error approach, coupled with a keen eye for precision, was crucial in achieving the perfect fit. It was a clear demonstration of the blend of art and science that goes into a bespoke application like this.

Welding: Precision and Cleanliness

The welding segment of the video was another highlight. It underscored the importance of cleanliness and precision, especially when working with materials like aluminium. The boys emphasised the need for proper surface preparation and precise fit-up before welding. No bird-sh*t allowed.

The Final Adjustments

In the final stages of the installation, the team made several minor adjustments to ensure everything fit perfectly. This included trimming the pipe to adjust leg lengths and ensuring adequate clearance around the intercooler. These adjustments were crucial in maintaining the balance between the kit's stealthy appearance and its functional efficiency.

Now we're just waiting to see the thing at the track and hear it crack a 'gate!


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