Ford Sierra Drifter Sounds Like An F1 Car Thanks To Engine Swap

Greek drifter Geo Foradis wound his Barra back in cubes for a six-banger that screams to nearly 8000rpm!

The Greeks have given so much to our modern culture - philosophy, geometry, medicine and even the Olympics, but thanks to Greek drifter Geo Foradis they can now also lay claim to one of the wildest sounding Barras anywhere in the world!

The engine in question is a destroked 3.6L Ford six-banger that Geo has retrofitted to his Ford Sierra drift car, that finally hangs the tacho needle at an eye-watering 7800rpm!

Geo’s Barra-swapped Sierra is the latest in a slew of international Ford straight six exports - so attractive is the motor on the international market that it’s making a dent in the availability of engines for local engine swap enthusiasts!

Geo’s Barra is controlled by a Link ECU and was built here in Oz, and he’s claiming it to be the first running and driving Barra conversion in Greece.

The car itself is a dedicated drifter with wild bodywork including twin headlight ducts and a scalloped rear window, while the inside has been stripped of all creature comforts and is caged and painted white.


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