12,000RPM Destroked Subaru Revs To The Moon!

Forget blowing head gaskets, this Subaru is about to blow your doors off!

Subaru’s famous Boxer engines have become the stuff of internet memes, publicly dragged for their penchant for spitting head gaskets and their fragile drivelines, so you can imagine our surprise when we came across GotItRex’s destroked EJ engine that spins to a dizzying 12,000rpm!

The ‘94 Impreza has been an ongoing project for the team, and a development platform that they’ve used to hone and refine their skills into one of the country’s leading Subaru performance specialists.

‘Betty’ as the car is known was all over the internet around five years ago, and has recently resurfaced from an extended hiatus, with the team threatening to reveal more in early 2024.

What we can see from one of Betty’s last public outings in a FullBOOST video from 2017 is that the team have extensively reworked the engine combo, ditching the front mount intercooler for a more compact water-to-air heat exchanger, while the old Garrett turbo has been turfed for a larger, more modern turbo sitting where the radiator would have once resided.

Outwardly, Betty retains much of her low-key charm however keen eyes will notice the beefy wheel studs securing those white alloy wheels, which combined with the rear parachute mount, makes us think Betty might have a date with the blacktop.


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