Hemi V8 Powered Beetle Is A Real Life Hot Wheels

Admit it, you want a turn behind the wheel!

I have the utmost respect for car builders that take the road less traveled - those that like a challenge. Lucky Gunner Garage, builder of this insane chopped, V8-swapped Volksy definitely fall in to this category, and in the process, have built one of the wildest looking Bugs we’ve ever seen!

The entire thing is a marvel of fabrication and engineering, from the hand built chassis that boasts independent suspension and whopping great brakes - Corvette Z06 hubs on the front and Dodge Charger hubs on the rear, both boasting 14-inch brake assemblies.

It’s the transplanted 5.7L Hemi V8, barely able to be contained under the Beetle’s tiny front trunk (which is now a bonnet thanks to the front mounted engine swap). Those Hemi donks are a challenge to fit in to anything, let alone shoehorning one in to a chopped and channeled VW, and as a result the giant late model EFI engine takes up most of the veedub’s tiny custom windscreen!

The builder was quick to note that the time spent finessing the brakes and suspension had made the VW a hell of a fun car to drive, and even though the Hemi V8 makes a stack more power than the original four banger, that the custom street rod was totally safe, as well as being fun to drive on the road.

Lucky Gunner Garage continue to build wild hot rods and street cars, and have recently branched out into some cool off-road creations.


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