HDT Wheels On A Lamborghini? Who Would Have Thought

The owner says it's the first time it’s been done anywhere in the world, and we’re inclined to believe him!

Sydney muscle car enthusiast Peter Bonassi is renowned for his garage, stacked to the hilt with tough Holdens and Commodores. “I’ve loved them ever since I was a little kid, and they’re much easier to build than something like an XY or XW Falcon,” he admits, which has seen his garage somewhat of a revolving door of tough tubbed HSV and HDT tribute vehicles, but it’s the VK and VL Commodores that truly have his heart.

Earlier last year he ticked off another childhood milestone and took the keys to his fist Lamborghini - a Huracan LP610 no less. In factory form, the Bull-badged supercar is a fine looking specimen and perfectly capable, but Peter knew he had a chance to meld his luxurious daily driver and his love of first generation Commodores by fitting a set of reproduction 20 inch MoMo Star-style wheels to the Lambo’!

“I knew I’d be the first in the world to do it,” he chuckles, and admits that making the wheels fit was much easier than he’d first imagined. “We knew our wheel sizes and the offset that they came in, so we did some measuring and machined custom bolt-on spacer to suit, converting the Lamborghini stud pattern to suit the Commodore wheels,” he explains matter of factly.


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