Road Trippin' To Red CentreNATS 09 With The Watts Family

Matt Watts and wife-to-be Jessica set off at the start of August with their precious cargo (two-year-old Tommy and five-month-old Kaia) for one epic road trip.

The trip headed up the East Coast, swinging by Darwin for Gazzanats before heading back down to Alice Springs for Red CentreNATS 09. During the trip there was plenty of excitement along the way with Matty poppin’ the question and... Jess said yes!

As soon as they hit Gazzanats it was time for a whole lot of tyre spinnin’, power skiddin’ fun. In true Wattsy style he sent his tuff lil 1976 KE30 Corolla a little too hard.

“After pulling a 217km/h power skid the poor old girl’s original brakes couldn’t keep up and we cooked the brakes - sending me straight into the sand!”

Matty’s proud as punch of his Corolla which was originally a budget build. It runs an iron 5.3L LS and features a blower with a carby/methanol setup. The Corolla is (as we type) on the road to Red CentreNATS. 

"I plan on bringing all the party. Send it, bend it or blow it up.”

With no tyres left to blow Matty has organised to have more rubber and fuel ready for a wild weekend in Alice - he’s especially eager to hit up the Motorvation Supercruise at Alice Springs Inland Dragway.

“The reason we love doing this, other than the massive amounts of fun floggin’ our cars, is catching up with mates that we never get to see from the other side of the country. Even better getting to have my lil’ man Tommy trackside with me makes it all very special.”

Clearly having too much fun, Wattsy wasn’t ready to go home straight after Red CentreNATS 09, he quickly organised the Corolla to get sent to Queensland for Powercruise - just as a last-minute addition to their road trip.

Entries for Red CentreNATS 09 are still on sale - don’t miss it!


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