Some Of The World's Baddest Twin-Turbo Exotics Are In Western Sydney

1000hp Lamborghinis and Audi R8s are massing at the foot of the Blue Mountains, and no one saw it coming!

Of all the places on the globe you’d expect to become one of the bastions of turbocharged exotic supercars, I’m not sure anyone saw Greater Western Sydney becoming one of the planet’s forefront tuners of boosted big-dollar cars.

The Middle East? Perhaps.

North America? Maybe.

But Riverstone, at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Sydney? No way!

But that’s exactly what Precision Racing have managed to achieve, thanks in no small part to an entrepreneur’s mindset mixed with a gambler's ambition - at least that is the elevator summary, as Precision Racing’s Ricky Rigutto tells it.

“Not many people would have had Aaron’s vision,” he begins. “He started with big hitter Evos and once he took that platform as far as he could he noticed a lot of customers buying R35 GTRs, hence his development there.

But as he looked further forward he identified that these same guys would one day be buying exotics, so he went out and ordered a Lamborghini Huracan Performate,” explains Ricky of the stratospheric rise of the Precision brand.

Before the Raging Bull even saw a mile of Western Sydney streets it was delivered directly to MoTeC in Melbourne, where the legendary aftermarket electronics engineers worked with Precision to develop an engine and vehicle management system that could both meet and exceed the standard Lamborghini offerings.

“It came back to us stock with the MoTeC engine management system and Aaron completed testing for at least twelve months to make sure everything functioned as it was supposed to,” explains Ricky, and once Aaron’s insatiably high standards had been appeased he set about designing Australia’s own twin turbo kit to suit Lamborghinis and Audi R8s.

“We were testing and developing these kits for three years before anyone knew we were doing it!” laughs Ricky. “From the ground up, they’re entirely designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

We use as many Australian components as possible, and in keeping with the theme of impeccably high quality, we’ve worked with CAD Engineers and other designers to ensure the kits fit like OEM - that there’s no drilling or cutting, and that they can be removed without a trace - not one hole cut or drilled. Other kits on the market don’t offer that,” he adds.

One of the greatest differences is in the supercar’s notoriously impractical front boot - or ‘trunk’ - where other kits choose to store their water reservoirs for water-to-air heat exchangers. “We’ve designed our kits to use interchillers which means the trunk’s practicality remains uncompromised,” adds Ricky.

And while the Australian market might seem small on face value, the uptake has far exceeded Precision Racing’s expectations. “If we did two or three a year Aaron would be chuffed, but we’ve done twenty cars in three years!” exclaims Ricky.

A handful of twin turbo exotics a year is hardly enough to keep the doors open, and as Ricky explains the workshop is still stacked with Evos, GTRs and some local talent that keeps the lights on.

“Many people would be shocked to learn how many XR6 Turbos leave the workshop!” he laughs. That’s in no small part thanks to the time that it takes to fit the exotic twin turbo kits – starting from two working weeks depending on the level the customer is going to. Most customers start with the Stage One Plus, which is the turbo kit plus a fuel system which allows you to run flex fuel and make around 1,100whp. Some of those customers go and we never see them again - it’s the ones that get addicted to winning Roll Racing that are constantly in for upgrades!” he smiles.

If you’ve got a $500,000 supercar in your garage and $90,000 burning a hole in your pocket then Precision Racing’s twin turbo kits might be for you! Regardless of the cost we’re always happy to champion Aussie manufacturing and ingenuity taking it to the world stage - congrats, lads!


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