Possibly The Rarest R35 In The World: Italdesign's 710hp GT-R50

Forget the standard GT-R! This 710hp, widebody GT-R50 is pure supercar insanity, and one of the rarest ever built.
Possibly The Rarest R35 In The World:

This car is absolutely bonkers. It's a 'colab' between Nissan and the legendary Italian design house, Italdesign, to create a widebody, ultra-high-performance version of the already incredible Nissan GT-R.

There are only 20 examples of this beast worldwide. You're literally looking at one of the rarest and most extreme GT-Rs ever produced. Just let that sink in for a second. Only 20 of these 710 horsepower monsters exist on the entire planet! It's like a unicorn supercar.

The base is Nissan's iconic R35 GT-R, but Italdesign completely transformed the styling inside and out. We're talking aggressive, race-inspired widebody aero everywhere you look.

Then under the hood, the guys at NISMO went to town upgrading the 3.8L twin-turbo V6 to crank out that insane 710 horsepower figure. This thing is an absolute animal!

With that incredible power, crazy aero mods, and exotic limited production, the GT-R50 might just be the ultimate expression of Godzilla. It's like a road-legal GT3 race car.

We're talking supercar levels of rarity and performance, all built on the backbone of one of the greatest driver's cars ever made. Seriously, just wait until you see and hear this insane machine! 

Exterior Design and Aero

Alright, let's start by talking about the absolutely wild exterior on this GT-R50. The styling is just insane!

Italdesign completely transformed the look with their signature aggressive, widebody treatment. This thing has bulging fender flares and aero components tacked on everywhere.

Up front, you've got this massive front splitter and canards that give it a proper race car aesthetic. The whole face just looks so mean and purposeful.

Then as you work your way around the sides, there are these integrated side skirts and air outlets behind the front wheels. It's all about maximizing downforce and channeling air around the car.

Around back, there's a gargantuan rear wing that would look at home in a GT3 race series. It's totally functional too, not just for show. The rear diffuser and aero components are just as extreme.

Everywhere you look, there are vents, scoops, splitters - you name it. This GT-R50 is all about managing airflow and generating incredible amounts of downforce at speed.

And the stance...oh man, the stance is perfect. It's slammed with those widebody fenders stretched over the upgraded wheels and tires. It literally looks like a GT3 race car for the road!

The whole aero package is just so well-executed and purposeful. This is what happens when you let designers go crazy on an already insane performance machine. Absolute car porn! Here's how I would write the "III. 

That Glorious 3.8L Twin-Turbo V6

Okay, so the exterior styling on this GT-R50 is completely over-the-top. But you know what's even crazier? The engine!

Pop the hood and you're greeted by Nissan's legendary 3.8L twin-turbo V6. But this isn't just any ordinary VR38 engine. Oh no, the madmen at NISMO have worked their magic.

They've completely rebuilt and upgraded this V6 to crank out a whopping 710 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque. Let that insane number sink in for a second...710 horsepower!

To put that into perspective, the already bonkers Nismo GT-R only makes 600 horses from the factory. This GT-R50 is in a whole other stratosphere of power.

So what did NISMO do? Well, they threw on bigger turbochargers, a more efficient intake, upgraded fuel system, strengthened internals - the works. This engine is built to handle the insane boost and stresses.

Fire it up and you're greeted with that trademark turbo V6 howl that only a GT-R can deliver. But then when you mat the throttle, hold on tight! This thing piles on thrust like a rocket ship.

The acceleration is so violently quick that it'll pin you back in the seat and smack that goofy grin across your face. You'd better be ready to hang on for dear life!

With that much power on tap from such a relatively small displacement, this 3.8L twin-turbo V6 is an engineering masterpiece. It's the heart of the beast that makes this GT-R50 so insane! 

The Wild Interior

Alright, so we've covered the crazy exterior styling and that insane 710 horsepower twin-turbo V6 under the hood. But this GT-R50 is just as wild on the inside too!

As soon as you swing open the door, you're greeted by an interior that looks straight out of a race car. Italdesign and Nissan went all-out on the motorsport vibes.

It's a proper driver's cockpit in here, with aggressive Alcantara and carbon fiber accents everywhere you look. The racing buckets with integrated headrests and harnesses just scream "high performance."

Even the steering wheel is a custom-designed piece by Italdesign. It's covered in that grippy Alcantara with carbon fiber inserts and racy yellow stripes. So cool!

Speaking of yellow, that accent color is splashed throughout the cabin as a nod to the GT-R's heritage colors. It pops perfectly against all the black Alcantara and exposed carbon weave.

Everywhere you look there are unique GT-R50 badges and styling cues to remind you this is something really special. From the door sills to the instrument cluster, it all screams exclusivity.

My favorite touch? The red fabric pull-straps on the doors and center console area. It's just such a racy, functional little detail that works so well.

Overall, the vibe in here is all business. It's an intense, driver-focused space that leaves no doubt this GT-R50 means serious performance. A true enthusiast's dream cabin! 


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