We need to talk about this blown and turbocharged XC Falcon!

YouTuber Sam Eyles let slip that a trip to Summernats might be on the cards!

As far as grabbing attention goes, this XC Falcon is a manifestation of clickbait. Nestled on a hand-built chassis and boasting immense custom suspension work, this XC four-door is now all-wheel drive thanks to giant 4x4 diffs front and rear, borrowing heavily from the time Sam has spent modifying off-road vehicles over the last few years.

His content on the Built Not Bought YouTube Channel has slowly been diversifying though, with
Sam adamant that he doesn’t simply want to be known as a 4x4 content creator. As well as his
collection of fourbies, BNB shed also plays host to an RB25-powered 180SX drift car and a few
other street machine projects, but the XC series has been gathering momentum and made its
first public outing at the recent Brisbane 4x4 Show, where it remained amidst a sea of starry-
eyed onlookers all weekend.

The engine is a 454 cube big block Chev that’s got mirror image turbos breathing down the
throat of a 6/71 supercharged, mounted on a custom intake manifold. It’s governed by a Holley
EFI fuel system, and while we can’t imagine it’ll be setting any dyno records through the giant
mud terrain tyres, there’s no arguing that it’s an attention grabbing combo’.

The engineering in the undercarriage gives the XC the impressive articulation of a Comp’ Truck
4x4, leading Sam to birth the project the ‘FLEXC’. His focus now turns to working out the front
driveline set up to get the four wheel drive working, then finishing the aesthetics with a view to
cutting some laps in Canberra at next year’s Summernats!

Follow the Built Not Bought YouTube Channel to watch the FLEXC come together, as well as
Sam’s other shenanigans.


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