Oscar Piastri Reflects On The 2023 F1 Season

Oscar Piastri discusses his rookie F1 year, highlighting resilience and growth, and expresses confidence in his prospects for 2024.
Oscar Piastri Reflects On The 2023 F1 Season

In a candid reflection with Formula 1 on his first F1 season, Australian sensation Oscar Piastri shares insights into his journey from the off-season to his maiden podium, revealing the determination and resilience behind his Rookie of the Year title.

After a whirlwind 2023 season, Oscar Piastri is taking a well-deserved break, but not without acknowledging the sweet victory of being recognised as the Rookie of the Year. 

It's a proud moment," 

Piastri stated, emphasising the honour of such recognition in a competitive field.

Despite the challenges faced transitioning back to the high-octane world of F1 after a year's hiatus, Piastri's return was nothing short of remarkable. The pressure, stemming from an impressive junior career and heightened by a unique entry into Formula 1, was something Piastri chose to navigate with a laser focus on his driving, quickly shaking off any rust and showcasing his ability to adapt.

Piastri's determination and work ethic were put to the test with McLaren's performance struggles. Yet, he remained unfazed, 

The team was upfront about the car's limitations," 

Piastri remarked, noting that his personal goals always extended beyond the car's current capabilities. This attitude allowed him to extract the most from every race, culminating in a historic points finish at his home Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The season's pivotal moments were not without their lows, notably Piastri's significant crash at Zandvoort. However, he bounced back with tenacity, underlining his capacity to learn and evolve from each experience. This resilience paved the way for a career milestone – his first F1 podium in Japan, which Piastri described as 

"sweet" and "satisfying."

Looking forward to 2024, Piastri is confident, drawing from the positive developments and progress his team has made. 

Our upgrades this year worked well, and with stable regulations, we're in a good position," 

he asserted, acknowledging the strength of competitors like Red Bull but expressing a robust optimism for the team's direction.

He's also majorly pumped about the 2024 F1 McLaren too.

As for predictions, Piastri remains cautiously optimistic, anticipating multiple opportunities for success in the upcoming season. With his rookie year behind him, Piastri's ambitions for 2024 are clear: to build on his experiences, continue evolving, and keep aiming for the podium. If his debut season is anything to go by, the F1 world can expect exciting performances from the Australian driver.

Bahrain 05 Mar 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES DNF 0
Saudi Arabia 19 Mar 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 15 0
Australia 02 Apr 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 8 4
Azerbaijan 30 Apr 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 11 0
Miami 07 May 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 19 0
Monaco 28 May 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 10 1
Spain 04 Jun 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 13 0
Canada 18 Jun 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 11 0
Austria 02 Jul 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 16 0
Great Britain 09 Jul 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 4 12
Hungary 23 Jul 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 5 10
Belgium 30 Jul 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES DNF 7
Netherlands 27 Aug 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 9 2
Italy 03 Sep 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 12 0
Singapore 17 Sep 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 7 6
Japan 24 Sep 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 3 15
Qatar 08 Oct 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 2 26
United States 22 Oct 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES DNF 0
Mexico 29 Oct 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 8 4
Brazil 05 Nov 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 14 0
Las Vegas 18 Nov 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 10 2
Abu Dhabi 26 Nov 2023 MCLAREN MERCEDES 6 8


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