Matt Watts' BLO'EM Blown V8 Corolla Ready To Smash Tyres

JBens and Matt Watts had a chat following the debut of Wattsy's new burnout car BLO'EM. This little Toyota Corolla has been rebuilt by Matt and there's a very sepcial story as to why this car means so much to him.

You'll know Matt from his BLO202 LJ Torana, his BLOUP Corolla and perhaps his taste in facial hair. If you've been to a burnout event and not seen (or heard) Matt then you haven't lived. He's usually always the life of the party - and his driving is always a display of hatred for rubber.

The car was bought by Matt only a few months ago, and since has recieved a new engine, transmission and a new paint job. The Corolla has had a few owners over the last few years, however the car is best known as MELTEM which was owned and piloted by the late Nik Rigby.

The rebuild is testament to Matt's ability to get stuck and get things done (no doubt along with many friends and businesses along the way). Featuring a mechanically injected blown LS setup, the Corolla is set to hit many burnout pads around the country in hope to make it to Summernats for the Pro Burnout finals. Check out the video below to hear the full story!


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