The dyno graph is so steep and mountainous, you’d need a fourby to climb it!

We’re not your first port of call for modified turbo diesel monstrosities or the rock-hopping, trail-crushing fun that comes along with owning a four wheel drive, which is why this particular Landcruiser caught our eye. Forget the rooftop tent, the lift kit or the knobbly mud terrains, this custom ‘Cruiser packs an ethanol-swigging, twin turbo V8 engine that makes over 2000hp! (No, it's not Colin's insane blown burnout 'cruiser!)

Truth be told it’s been around for a few years. It was built by Toyota’s Motorsport Technical Centre in 2016 to clutch the title of ‘World’s Fastest SUV’ - an open chequebook build funded by the Japanese automaker through their motorsport development offshoot. 

The result is something truly astonishing. The aggressive, low-slung stance assists with aerodynamics - something the 2.5 tonne box needed in spades! More than just a set of lowered springs and shocks, the team actually separated the body and chassis to fettle with the chassis, including extra bracing, relocating suspension pick up points and the odd nip and tuck of the chassis to suit the giant MoMo wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres.

The modified front bar barely hides the whopping Garrett GTX4718R turbos that blow a verifiable hurricane down the throat of the 3UR-FE 5.7L V8 engine. With the thinking handled by a full suite of MoTeC engine management goodies, and after the grunt has worked its way through the 3-speed auto and locked differentials, the team estimates the ‘Cruiser could comfortably make up to 3000hp, but only needed around 2000hp for the record breaking 230.1mph run in the Mojave Desert. 


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