Sinister Swedish Street Machine Packs A 300KW BMW V8!

Low, dark black and with a BMW V8 conversion. Dare we say, this BMW looks ‘tough’?

We’ve covered engine-swapped Volvos before, like Saso’s turbo LS Volvo 242 or Felix’s K-swapped Volvo wagon, which first opened our eyes to the sheer amount of engine swapping going on in modified Volvo land. 

Felix admits to sending many BMW V8 engines to an early grave after getting greedy with the boost on their stock bottom ends, however the S65 in this particular two-door breathes just as the original BMW engineers intended it to.

The S65 is a tasty engine option for those looking to deviate from the drudgery of LS conversions. The block is of alloy construction, so too the twin cam alloy heads that feature VVT. The combination of a sweet bore/stroke relationship, no pushrods and a capable oiling system alloy the 4L V8 to reach the lofty heights of 8300rpm before running out of steam, and we imagine the eight individual throttles stuffed under the plastic plenum disguised as an engine cover must make a hell of a racket! 

This Volvo also borrows a BMW 7-speed auto, while the rest of the driveline is all sourced from the Volvo parts catalogue. Rather than leave the S65 shackled by it’s factory engine management, a Haltech Elite 2500 and iC-7 dash got the nod to do the thinking.

While LS-equipped Ovlovs are now commonplace (but in many cases still awesome), the Euro vibe that's been maintained here now has us searching the classifieds for S65s.


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