Brent Murray's EVL68 Dodge Dart Wins Red CentreNATS 09 Champion

For the second time running, Brent's Dodge Dart has claimed the top gong award at the show!

Brent Murray brought his immaculate EVL68 Dodge Dart to Red CentreNATS 09 and claimed his second Red Centre title. The blown-mopar coupe took out the show thanks to both its incredible elite-level finish, and its driving scores out in Alice Springs. 

For a car that started life as a $1000 VF Valiant coupe, it’s come an extremely long way to the immaculate build it is now. It looks just as good as it did after its unveil at Street Machine Summernats 29, and it makes an incredible sound on full noise.

Head Judge of the show Owen Webb said it was an absolute joy to watch today in the driving events, especially with some of Brent's handy work behind the wheel in the grass driving events.

A huge congratulations to Brent for taking out his second ever Red CentreNATS champion trophy!


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