6X6 Hellcat-Powered Humvee Is The Wildest Thing You'll See!

Could a mid-mounted, blown Hemi V8 be enough to smoke all six tyres at once?

It takes a lot for an office full of jaded, old car nuts like us to raise an eyebrow, but this wild Humvee (or, what’s left of one!) instantly had our jaws on the floor. More importantly, once we got over how wild the insane styling was and learned what was underneath the skin, we were really knocked for six!

It looks like something you’d cruise around in a futuristic, war-torn Xbox game, or something that an AI art generator would spit out if you asked for MTV’s Pimp My Ride meets Government Defence Contract, but we can assure you this wild creation is all real and all steel. It’s the brainchild of French-based Danton Arts Kustoms and Frenchy Export LLC out of Milwaukee, USA and was originally supposed to debut at the SEMA Show in late 2023, but the team pulled the pin as it wasn’t ready… as if anyone’s never brought an unfinished car to SEMA before!

We’re glad they waited though, because what you see before you is a running and driving, 6x6 Humvee creation that sits on a custom chassis. It uses a wild coilover arrangement front and rear to achieve that low-slung stance without the use of airbags.

The rear end is the combination of two Porsche Cayenne subframes, while the front end is from a 2019 Dodge RAM, allowing the use of some OE parts like steering racks and suspension pick up points.

It’s powered by a Dodge Hellcat supercharged V8 engine that’s mounted between the cabin and the custom rear cradle, with a 4L80E trans making the connection between the blown Hemi and the Porsche diffs.

The bodywork is hard to overlook, with 10 inches chopped from the roof and the rear doors shortened to give the Humvee a much more aggressive stance. Giant splitters front and rear make the former military cruiser look like a modern race car, while the giant rear wing is from an undisclosed aircraft.


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