Roller/Rocker Sets

Looking for performance roller rocker kits? Performance Garage is where you should shop. Find rockers with a higher ratio, roller tips, and roller rocker sets designed for street and strip applications at very affordable prices.

Roller rockers are one of the most popular performance upgrades. When paired with engine modifications, you can maximise the benefits of aftermarket roller rockers. This automotive widget is designed to help in improving valve and guide longevity, reducing friction, enhancing surface contact between shaft and rocker arms, and ultimately significantly add power.

Shop at Performance Garage for roller rocker sets that will fit your performance vehicle. All components we offer are manufactured from a selection of different high quality materials designed specifically for performance cars. All other upgrade components are likewise available at our online store. Find cylinder heads,  performance camshafts, compressor parts, and just about any trick parts you’d want to add.

Express delivery is available so you can quickly start revamping your ride. Shop today and find the best deals on roller rocker sets and other aftermarket parts at Performance Garage!

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