Overflow Bottles

Got a damaged overflow tank? Shop at Performance Garage for the best replacement.

Radiator overflow tanks can become brittle, contaminated and discoloured over time. It has to be immediately replaced when it shows signs of wear and tear to ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system will function effectively.

The overflow bottle is responsible for capturing the expanding coolant when radiator temperature and pressure rises. Performance Garage has a wide variety of radiator overflow tanks featuring different diameters and lengths to suit your engine and cooling system’s needs.

High quality expansion tanks, or overflow tanks, that allow expelled coolant to return to the main cooling system once the temperature decreases are available in different specs. This tank is typically a sealed system that has a connection to the cooling system through a hose.

Performance Garage offers you radiator overflow tanks and expansion tanks from the best brands in the industry. We have aluminium coolant tanks that are better suited for drastic temperature changes compared with the standard plastic ones. Browse our collection today and find one that best suits your ride.

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