Which Aussie Muscle Cars Can You Get As Hot Wheels?

These 1:64 muscle cars might be as close as some of us get to owning the real thing!

It could be argued that the iconic miniature vehicles spawned the fascination with all things automotive that pulses through all our veins, and while the colors and styles excited our imagination as kids, as adults we want to be able to wear our pride on our sleeves, and gravitate towards cars that best portray our tribe.

Thus the question must be asked, how many Aussie muscle cars can you collect in Hot Wheels form?


As part of the brand’s ‘Car Culture’ series, a HQ Monaro did find its way into the Hot Wheels line up. Finished in orange with black stripes and slung low over some polished five spoke wheels, the Yanks actually nailed the proportions of the iconic Quey. Aussie collectors have pined over how rare the Monaro is, and it did little to whet our appetite for more iconic Aussie muscle cars in the line up!


In 2012, Hot Wheels released an FG Falcon V8 Supercar. It looks like it came in a few different generic Ford liveries, and judging by the quantity available on eBay, was hardly a limited release. 


Perhaps thanks to the global popularity of Mad Max which shot first generation Aussie Falcons to international stardom, the XB Falcons have appeared a few times in various Hot Wheels releases - all of them modified, so you purists applying the chalk marks to your concours resto need not apply! 


Rumours of a Torana joining the mighty HQ in the Hot Wheels line up continue to swirl, with various com-gens of LH and LX Toranas in varying body styles flooding the internet. The most likely seems to be a miniature A9X race car in it’s iconic red and white livery.


There’s been a couple of attempts to bring the Commodore to life through the iconic Mattel toys, but none of them have really landed. Two versions of a VN-era Hot Wheels exist - one with a light bar in Police guise and another with some eccentric graphics that would make a ski boat racer get a chubby, and later generations based of VT era cars and ultimate Pontiac GTOs exist but don’t look nearly as cool as some of the older Aussie muscle cars.


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