This Twin-Turbo E30 Might Be The Year's Coolest LS Swap!

LS engine swaps might be a little run-of-the-mill, but nobody does them quite like the Grgic Bros.

I’ve been following the Grgic brothers for years, and to be entirely honest, the cars they build blow my mind. Their attention to detail is surpassed only by their ingenuity, and every car they touch leaves with the distinct Grgic mark.

So you can imagine my glee when they started increasing the volume of cars they were working on, and expanding their repertoire beyond the Commodore builds that I knew them from.

They’re a great follow on social through the Grgic Bros. page if you like expertly engineered street cars, and while they don’t post super often, whenever they do a photo dump I can’t help but scroll, mouth agape, at some of the engineering and fabrication tricks they pull off.

One of their current builds is an LS-swapped BMW E30, which sounds like a simple enough project, but the reality is it’s a piece of automotive art.

The car itself has been extensively modified, including a three-quarter chassis, new floors and a roll cage, along with a modified rear subframe to help create some room for the rear mounted G35 turbos.

The intake runs up through the floor and down an oval-shaped intake pipe that runs along the trans tunnel, into a firewall-mounted intercooler and then through the firewall in to a rear-facing Plazmaman billet intake manifold.

The LSA is a brand spanker out of the box and has been modified for a dry sump, and will be further tweaked to accept the boost from the twin rear mount huffers, the boys explain.

It’s one of a litany of projects they’re tinkering with in their Perth-based workshop. Give them a follow and let us know what your favourite Grgic Bros. project is!


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