Rusted Gems Projects Getting Ready For Red CentreNATS 09 and 10

After several years of the Right Tracks – Rusted Gems program we have added a couple of more communities.

Started back in 2021 as a collaboration with Red CentreNATS (RCN), the program has proven to engage with many throughout the community. 

Owen Webb has been honoured to support the project as the coordinator his has spent last week visiting the communities.

“We already have project builds from Papunya, Yirara Colledge, Yipirinya school, Support from Charles Darwin University and now we welcome Atitjere/Harts Range and Alice Springs corrections. Harts Range have dragged a Suzuki ute used as a Bull Catcher on a cattle station and will have it on display at RCN this September.”

Initial discussions with the correctional center have started and we will have a Holden Panelvan at RCN 10 from this group. 
We will also be re-wrapping the VE Commodore from Yipirinya into an Indigenous/Supercar theme. The intention is to display this vehicle at RCN and also at the Supercars in Darwin.

The Cuz Congress Valiant will also be running this year for the first time at RCN and will be one of the lead vehicles in the Saturday town cruise for its 50th anniversary of the vehicle. There have been some great outcomes from this program already with several cars finished or nearing completion and hopefully be used for driver training and education. The students have also picked up skills along the way and have credits towards certification with the view for employment.

We will have seven vehicles on display at this year’s RCN with plenty of participation and support from the communities, along with the interested parties who want to get involved with the program, the group trainers and all the students completing the work. Everyone involved is excited for this year with a view to make RCN 10 the pinnacle of the program so far.


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