Rare Spares Rockynats 04 Unveils

8 wicked cars and an awesome custom bike were unveiled at Rare Spares Rockynats 04!

Geoff Davey and his 1970 HG Holden is a resto-mod marvel. From its humble beginnings to its triumphant rebirth, this Holden has undergone a serious transformation.

At just 16 years old, Geoff bought his first car, a sleek HG Holden, igniting a lifelong passion for automotive excellence. After seven years of cruising the streets, the car was tucked away, patiently awaiting its moment to shine once again.

In 2020, that moment arrived. Geoff embarked on a journey of restoration and customisation, transforming his beloved Holden into a true masterpiece of modern engineering. Out went the original engine, replaced by a polished Toyota 1JZ, nestled snugly in a smoothed engine bay.

But the upgrades didn’t stop there. A striking two-toned paint scheme, custom tubs in the front and rear, and the removal of rear quarter windows gave the Holden a sleek, modern silhouette. Inside, all-black leather trim and 22-inch, 5-spoke Riddler wheels added a touch of luxury and style.

Beneath the surface, performance upgrades lurk, including a custom diff with 28-spline bao rear and a Viking front-end on-air ride suspension. Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, Geoff is unveiling his masterpiece to the world—a bucket list moment that marked the culmination of a lifelong dream.

Geoff Davey’s HG Holden is more than just a car; it’s a testament to the power of passion of the industry we all share a love for.

Jamie Cramp’s 1970 XW panel van Transformation

Jamie Cramp is a true automotive enthusiast with a passion for breathing new life into classic rides. His journey began when his father purchased a 1970 XW panel van back in the early ‘90s, a humble 6-cylinder beauty in its original white coat. Fast forward to ’97, Jamie’s dad gave the van a ‘very’ quick restoration, and Jamie cruised around town for three glorious years.

However, as time passed, signs of wear and tear began to reappear. Jamie made the tough decision to tuck away his beloved van until 2022 when fate intervened in the form of his mates, known collectively as the Fossil Fuelers. 

With one mate owning a resto shop, and Jamie himself being in the business of beds, it was a match made in panel van heaven.

Under the expert hands of his mate Anton, the van underwent a stunning transformation. Sporting a 351 Clevo engine, 3-inch alloy heads, sniper injection, and a 9-inch rear with 31 Spline, 3.5 diff gears, it’s a powerhouse on wheels. Enhanced with Wilwood brakes, vintage Dragway Indies, and a vibrant solid 2k bright orange paint job, this van demands attention on the road.

But the pièce de résistance? Jamie’s custom touch—an electric adjustable bed fitted snugly in the rear, turning this vintage van into the ultimate blend of retro cool and modern comfort. As Jamie puts it, it’s “business in the front, party in the back”—the mullet of cars, if you will.

For Jamie, the highlight of the build wasn’t just the roaring engine or eye-catching paint job—it was getting his hands dirty with the trim, showcasing his professional expertise in every detail. With his XW panel van reborn, Jamie’s ready to hit the road in style after the big unveil, turning heads and making memories with every mile.

Darren Ison’s HT Holden Ute is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication of years past and present. Originally a show car from yesteryears, this beauty underwent a remarkable transformation under the skilled hands of Hardwood Rod and Customs.

From the get-go, extensive fabrication set the stage for this remarkable build. A custom firewall seamlessly flows into a bespoke dash and console, while the inner cab was meticulously trenched to enhance comfort and space. Mini-tubbing was done to perfection, allowing for the fitment of V series Weld rims that accentuate its impressive stance.

Powering this marvel is a badarse VN headed 355 engine, boasting aluminium heads, a big roller, and paired with a TH350 transmission and 3800 stall converter for optimal performance. But it’s not just about power—the custom extractors, a true work of art, add a touch of finesse to the build.

Step inside, and you’re greeted by luxury at its finest. The interior, swathed in stunning chocolate suede leather, perfectly complements the solid cream exterior paint—a collaborative design by Tony and Darren. It’s a harmonious blend of sophistication, style and grunt that leaves a lasting impression.

Over the course of two years, against a demanding workload, Darren and the Wilko boys poured their heart and souls into this project—a true testament to his dedication and the craftsmanship of the Wilko boys from Darrens words. The result? A tuff masterpiece that shows that show cars have more than just one life in them.

Prepare for a wild ride as Jason “Baldy” Buckley, the mastermind behind the unforgettable purple villa at Rockynats, unleashes his latest creation onto the custom scene—the 2001 Softail Heritage Harley. This ride isn’t just about turning heads; it’s a technical marvel that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping!

At first glance, you can’t help but be mesmerised by the sheer presence of this beast. With a frame that’s been fully laid out, front and rear air ride, and a 40mm chop complemented by a daring 60% rake kit, it’s a true showstopper. And those wheels? A massive 21-inch front rim paired with a beefy 17-inch rear, looking every bit of beast-mode.

But let’s dive into the nitty-gritty—the tech that makes this bike truly stand out. Picture this: fork tubes shortened by 50mm, internal cables running seamlessly without a clunky switch box in sight, and a hidden flush kit that adds a touch of mystery and intrigue. And let’s not forget about the custom clutch kit with a hand shifter, a nod to classic coolness with a modern twist.

Of course, no custom build would be complete without some serious bling, and Baldy’s Softail Heritage Harley delivers in spades. Chrome and engraving covering nearly every inch, courtesy of the wizards at Engrave Cartel, while a custom 36-inch exhaust with fishtail tips from Fat Pipes adds the perfect finishing touch.

We won’t forget to mention the insanely cool paint from Kaneo’s Customs, so much to take in that you must see in person. The intricate layering, flakes and candies will have any person drooling for days. 

Andrew Atkins' 1932 Roadster has been a labour of love and dedication that's been four years in the making. While some might opt for buying a ready-made beauty, Andrew chose the path of craftsmanship and connection, pouring his heart and soul into every detail of this stunning build.

Partnering with Dion from the Kustom Shop, Andrew's vision became a reality. One standout feature? The striking colour choice was originally an eyeing classic candy red, Andrew dared to be different, inspired by a friend's kettle with its mesmerising off green/silver metallic hue. Thus, "Kylies Kettle" was born, flowing seamlessly over every inch of the roadster, from its exterior to the undercarriage.

Inside, Shane from Image Trimming crafted a luxurious cream tan trim using genuine Italian leather, perfectly complementing the unique colour scheme. And let's not forget the custom full one-piece stainless polished exhaust, a work of art against the flat floor.

But behind every great build is a great support system, and Andrew is quick to credit his amazing wife, Cassie, as the backbone of the entire build. Her unwavering support has been instrumental from day one, making Andrew's dream a reality.

From its flawless exterior to its classic and classy interior, Andrew's 1932 Roadster stands out in passion, creativity, and a true understanding of a strong support system.

Michael Noscov’s 1970 HT Monaro is a powerhouse of restoration, brought back to life at Pat’s Pro Resto’s.

Found as a true barn treasure on Gumtree, Michael’s passion for the HT Monaro ignited. Despite initial doubts about its authenticity, the car’s impeccable quality left even Pat from Pat’s Pro Resto’s stunned.

Two years of meticulous restoration ensued, with every nut and bolt meticulously attended to. What emerged was a true marvel, a gleaming platinum Gold metallic finish, complemented by an interior that retained its original charm, crazy to thing that the only piece needing replacing was the hood lining.

Under the hood lies a 383 Chevy engine, a significant upgrade from its original 6-banger configuration. Paired with a custom Rod Shop front end, a TKO 5-speed transmission, and other performance enhancements, this Monaro is built for the streets and everything else a daily might do.

Michael’s vision for his Monaro? To hit the road, driving the wheels off it after Rocky to test the car’s new heart and put some dirt on those wheels (not too much).

Michael Hearn, better known as Buddy’s Fire service in Rockhampton, is a legend in the automotive scene, known for his bold and unconventional builds. After wowing the crowds with his glitzy 1936 Chevy at the first Rockynats, he’s back with a whole new style statement.

Enter his latest creation is a 1989 Toyota HiLux that’s been transformed into a high-impact masterpiece. Buddy’s signature flair is evident as he chopped the chassis by two feet and lowered the body by five inches, all while riding on airbags for that extra dose of drama. Rolling on 18-inch rims, this HiLux commands attention wherever it goes.

But it’s not just about looks, under the hood lies a 22RE Toyota Fuel injected engine, snugly nestled thanks to a shaved cowl. The front end sports a Toyota Surf makeover, while SR5 doors and a fully handcrafted grill add to the custom touches. Inside, Aaron at All Stitched Up worked his magic with black leather, wrapping extended custom seats in the stretched cab.

And let’s not forget the finishing touches, Warren at Oz Rodz injected some serious style with crazy cool custom graphics, giving this low rider truck a rewind to the classic days we all cherish. With Buddy’s fearless creativity at the wheel, this HiLux is more than just a truck, it’s a rolling work of art that shows appreciation to the golden age of automotive customisation.

We wanted to join Jacinta Locke on a thrilling ride with her legendary 1973 HQ One Tonner! This beauty isn’t just a car, it’s a lifelong companion that Jacinta has cherished since she was 15. With her dad’s initial touch and a recent full rebuild, this Tonner is one head turner that she can bask in for years to come.

Prepare to be mesmerised by its striking DNA Candy Fuchsia Pink paint job, radiating an irresistible wow-factor that’s bound to turn heads wherever it goes. But this Tonner isn’t just about looks; under the hood lies a lumpy 5.7-liter cammed LS1 engine, stealth with sleek black accents and accessorised with billet bonnet hinges and a chrome radiator.

Jacinta isn’t content with just sitting pretty – she’s built this beast to perform. With dreams of unveiling at a car show one day Rockynats couldn’t be happier to be part of that, she’s determined to showcase her Tonner’s speed and style to the world. Once inside, you’ll be in ore by a luxurious blend of classic beige leather and Hi-tech Haltech dash, creating an atmosphere that’s both timeless and innovative.

But let’s not overlook the muscle beneath the glamour – with a modified chassis, McDonald Brothers four-link, rod shop tubular front end, and Wilwood disc brakes, this Tonner is engineered to handle anything the road throws its way. Jacinta is about embark on an adventure like no other, it’s a symbol of dreams realised and journeys yet to come.

Susan Burggraaff’s 1974 Holden Torana A9X Tribute is a sight to behold, representing a labor of love and meticulous attention to detail. From its vibrant green factory colour to the iconic A9X big flair kit and SLR5000 spoilers and graphics, every aspect of this build screams authenticity and tuff street cool.

Inside, the dedication to recreating the original A9X style is evident, with a full interior makeover and the inclusion of all-new glass, ensuring that every detail is true to the classic design. This level of commitment sets Susan’s Torana apart as a genuine tribute to the legendary model.

Under the hood lies a mild 308 Holden engine equipped with a 355-stoker kit, giving more grunt to the old girl from factory but still looking the part. Susan knows exactly what she wants out of her newly restored road worrier, and she’s got both style and power in the one package.

Even the undercarriage receives special treatment, with green highlights adding flair to the street-ready features. And of course, the iconic drop tank, a hallmark of Toranas, proudly sits next to the shortened VN diff, completing the authentic aesthetic.

Susan’s A9X Torana pays a perfect homage to the iconic model while really showcasing Susan’s love for classic cars.

There you have it nine new builds that each in their own way describe a story and a path all leading to the one event, how cool is that? We love the dedication and passion behind every person involved in such an inaugural occasion. 


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