Pat's Pro Restos Annual Open Day - Insane Rides & Good Times

This past weekend, Pat’s Pro Restos hosted their annual open day, transforming Beaudesert into a hub of automotive excellence with some of the finest show cars from across the country on display.

Pat, alongside his wife Kasia, their family, and the entire crew orchestrated a spectacular show. Streets were adorned with an impressive lineup of cars, while the workshop provided an inside look at the workings of this exceptional business.

Visitors had the opportunity to witness cars at various stages of construction, with the knowledgeable team on hand to address any inquiries about the processes.

Strolling towards the back shed, attendees were treated to a delightful coffee van, accompanied by a spread of delectable snacks, creating the perfect ambiance for a morning of car appreciation. Additionally, live acoustic singer Annabelle Johnson contributed to the lively atmosphere.

The highlight of the back shed was undoubtedly Dan Mortan’s XY Falcon ‘FORGED’ meticulously arranged on an elite display, showcasing why PPR stands as the preeminent builder in Australia to date.

Furthermore, on full display was Mike Davison’s 54 Chevy ‘BLUE MOON,’ still radiating perfection after garnering numerous awards across Australia since its debut at this year's Summernats.

A glance around suffices to reveal the superior craftsmanship of these builds, whether destined for the streets or the highest echelons of elite status. Everyone relished in the lively conversations, shared laughter, and reconnections with fellow automobile enthusiasts. It was, indeed, a perfect morning outing.

Each year, this event generates an electric buzz, and judging by the turnout this weekend, next year’s installment promises to be an essential date for your calendar.


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