Nitrous-huffing Tonner Is Australia's Farmtruck!

Big block, big cubes and the Big Show himself Simon Kryger behind the wheel!

As the No Prep Racing scene continues to heat up here in Australia, one of the country’s most experienced racers is throwing his hat in the ring. Simon Kryger, famous for his exploits behind the wheel of nitrous-powered Toranas of various shapes and sizes, has built himself the Aussie equivalent of Street Outlaws’ iconic ‘Farmtruck’ out of a WB one tonner. 

“We’ve got it dual teched so we can do No Prep or throw radials on it, and we’ve got the space to turn it up for the 1/4 mile but No Prep is all 1/8th mile,” begins Kryger.

While the ute might still look like it’s recently been dragged from a paddock somewhere on the NSW South Coast, Kryger is quick to point out that beneath the patina is a no-expense-spared race car. 

“We’ve built the car on the scales and the tray of the tonner gives us plenty of room to move weight around where we need to,” he explains, adding that the extra length in the wheelbase will go a long way to helping the tonner get down the track. 

With so much science involved in transmitting the insane amount of grunt to the track, Kryger is quick to point out that the rear end bill runs in to the tens of thousands between the diff, bar work, springs and shocks, but to the untrained eye it might just look like a tonner with leaf springs and big tyres!

Amazingly, the car’s chassis rails remain untouched and it still utilizes the factory suspension pick up points, harking back to Kryger’s days in the legendary APSA.

The exterior remains untouched aesthetically, however for safety reasons, the original wooden tray was retired for a newer, custom unit. “We took a photo of all the aged wood and replicated it in vinyl wrap, so it still looks crusty to match the rest of the car!” laughs Kryger. The cowl bonnet from Alfa Fibreglass copped the same treatment, wrapped in an aged yellow vinyl so as not to look out of place.

“When we go up against the GTRs and Lambos at Roll Racing, all they’ll see is a junky tonner that’s come straight off the farm,” he chuckles.

The tonner runs a 632 cube big block that’s relatively simple, but a combo’ Kryger has plenty of experience with. “It runs 18 degree Big Duke heads but it still has steel rods and two stages of nitrous. I don’t even know what it means to be naturally aspirated anymore so we’ll be on the gas straight away - it’s got a really lazy converter so it’s a bit of a pig without the gas!”

“The car runs a 28x10.5 rear tyre because whether the Street Outlaws crew come back here or we take the Tonner there, everyone is comparing it to Farmtruck,” adds Kryger in closing, hinting at the exciting future for this humble Aussie ute. 


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