Hemi-Swapped PT Cruiser Fixes Everything That's Wrong With The Retro-Look Wagon

Bruce and Kay's 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser isn’t a regular soccer wagon - but it does ‘keep it in the family’. Many might even say it’s done in a way that should have been done at the factory.

Under the bonnet is a 5.7-litre Hemi engine, marking a complete departure from its initial form. The transformation from a front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder regular traffic car to a rear-wheel-drive V8 hot rod was achieved through an extensive fabrication process.

The car was built by American Gasser Hot Rod Shop. As you can see, the list of mods and fab work involved takes more than just a conversion kit. The integration of a Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts Mustang II front suspension, coupled with a rear triangulated four-link from Viking Performance Inc.

There’s also custom coilovers, Wilwood Disc Brakes, a special radiator, and a custom stainless exhaust system to make sure people know it’s had a conversion. Handling and road manners are no doubt ten times what they were when the PT came from the factory.

The exterior features a discreet body kit, smoked front lenses, Rocket Racing Wheels Injector wheels, and the whole car has been drenched in a PPG green hue with gold accents. It’s most certainly got a unique, hot rod vibe about it.

The interior was treated with some Classic Instruments gauges, discreetly monitoring the car's vital signs. The rest has been kept as is, true to the OEM look of the PT.

Ensuring cruising comfort, Vintage Air Inc air conditioning was incorporated, retaining the factory controls and knobs.

The PT has always had a hot rod look about it, this one now has the go to match the style. Perhaps we’ll see one as a burnout car at some stage? Now there’s an idea…


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