Conductive Classics' Tesla Swapped 1964 Ford ‘Galax-E’

Conductive Classics is a stateside business who is leading the way for converting some of the most iconic American muscle cars into fully swapped electric vehicles.

With petrol prices through the roof and gas-guzzling petrol cars on the way out, many are wondering where the future for classic ICE powered muscle cars lies. Enter Conductive Classics — a workshop based out of the Idaho in the USA, who have already begun offering an electric swap solution to classic car owners. They demo’d their work and debuted their 1964 Ford ‘Galax-E' at SEMA last year.

The 1964 Ford now runs full Tesla Model 3 running gear which includes the battery pack underneath and RWD motor, complete Tesla rear-end, Model 3 brakes on all four, and it even sits slammed on factory Tesla wheels. It spits out roughly 350-horsepower at the tyres, which owner Rory says makes it an absolute blast to drive.

“It’s a total tyre frying machine if you wanna get after it.” Owner Rory said. “It’s a bit of a freight train when you get on it, it just pulls and pulls forever. Tesla’s don’t have a transmission, so you just put your foot down and hold on. 

“We only do classics, classic conversions and it's crazy here. It really is the new thing coming, it's definitely the trendy thing to do.” 

The exterior of the car has some subtle hints to the electrification, but it retains plenty of old-school American muscle car charm. The Galaxie has been re-finished in the factory colour, and the car sits on a full Air Ride system to make sure it sits nice and low. The frame of the car has been chopped and reinforced in a few places to accommodate the extra weight the battery unit brings — but it looks no different to a more standard ’64 from the outside.

Oh, did we mention it has a drinks cooler where the old Ford donk used to sit? Since everything is up the back or underneath the car, they’ve been left with a pretty big frunk that Rory and the team decided was a great space to keep their beverages cool. Who are we to argue.

“It is crazy here. There is 300 electric vehicles here at SEMA and it is totally taking over. It definitely seems like the new and trendy thing to do.” 

The United States are definitely leading the way when it comes to electric vehicle roll out and I reckon we’re a few years from seeing this sort of thing hit the classic scene down-under, but it begs the question, would you electric swap your classic car?



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