Bikes Bringing The Bling To Rockynats!

Rockynats is one of the fastest growing car festivals in Australia. Where else would you rather be over the Easter long weekend than sunny Rockhampton where the town stops to put on an epic show.

Easter is all about families having a great time, taking some well-deserved time off work and kids enjoying brightly wrapped delicious goodness. This coming Easter adults get to enjoy some bright wrappings themselves.

Jason Buckley made a massive impact last year when he unveiled his 2011 Softail Deluxe, with a heavy metal flake base layered in purple candy, custom pin-striping from tip to tail and loads of metal engravings. He bought the bike eight years ago and wanted to make it something special.

“My fav part of the build was the paint and the frame/suspension layout with custom swing arm. Proving to everyone that it could be done the way I envisioned was pretty rad.”

Taking out Top Display, Top Finish and Runner Up overall was a massive achievement, now his bringing that beauty back for us all to drool over a little bit more. That’s not all though, Jason has another unveil that he is very excited to bring to the table for the second year running. If you thought the last one was epic, wait till you see what he has in store for this build.

Casey Jelfs been doing the show circuit with his stunning 2016 Softail Slim Harley Chicano style Vicla ‘El Derado’, along with a few magazine features, three international and four here. Casey has been customising the bike over the last few years, and now has one of the coolest rides out.

The paint on this bike was quite an extensive process; there would be easily over 40 layers of paint on this bike just to fill all the edges, all the gold and white gold leaf. Then there’s the variegated leaf with the warmer tones, reds, and purples and greens and the earthy tones, it took more than five weeks to finish. This isn’t a quick process - currently over 180 hours has gone into paint work.

“I’ve always liked the creams, golds and the rum brown tone colours, I wanted something that was going to be timeless, something that can enter a show today, and also in five or so years’ time and still look classic.”

The look has been enhanced with DNA wheels and hubs. It’s running a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear with 80 twisted spokes. The wheels are wrapped in white walls by Vee Rubber.

“We put a six-degree rake on the front, cut up and fabricated the swing arm, along with other mods to suit. The amount of engineering and fab work that went into this modification was fairly extensive.”

The bike went to Alpha Performance Engines who installed a SE204 cam kit and dyno tuned the 110-cube beauty, as Casey says, “it gets ridden not hidden!”.

Damian Wood is bringing the ‘ICNDY’. This is his Heritage Softail Vicla, currently the cover bike of Live To Ride Magazine, and this bike means every bit of that number plate. With a great stance on the lay frame complimented by the multiple layer candy paint and gold variegated leaf, already winning awards from the Lowrider Sunday in Sydney.

“Strain Photography and I road all the way from Brisbane, making a trip out of it makes it fun to ride and put in a show then ride it back home again. We are doing the same for Rockynats, should be a good ride for the long weekend.”

Looking the goods with a custom Tan leather seat against the Turquoise and white pearls, the rolling gear is a twenty-one-inch front and eighteen-inch rear DNA gold laced fat spoked rims. All this goodness covered with the stretched guards sitting stealth with the custom rake, and chrome, plenty of chrome. This is one bike you need to see up close, this bike just screams palm trees and open road sunsets.

With all these elite level builds blinging up the show pavilion we are excited to say the least, amazing bikes and wall to wall high end builds we are going to have one massive Rockynats!


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