Wakefield Reborn As One Raceway

Discover One Raceway, Australia's pioneering dual-direction racing circuit. Collaborating with Goulburn Mulwaree Council and motorsport authorities, it promises unmatched racing experiences, state-of-the-art safety features, and a call for enthusiasts to shape its future. Dive into the next era of Australian Motorsport!

The motorsport landscape in Australia is set to undergo a transformative change with the introduction of One Raceway. This isn't just another addition to the racing circuits; it's a revolutionary concept that promises to redefine the very essence of motorsport for the coming generation. Whether one is a veteran racer, a motorsport aficionado, or a newcomer to the racing world, One Raceway promises an experience like no other.
Two Distinct Circuits Under One Roof
In a bold and unprecedented move, One Raceway is introducing a dual-direction circuit, a first for Australia. This entails two separate tracks, each boasting its unique identity, records, and atmosphere. Racers no longer need to relocate for a varied racing experience; the next adrenaline-charged adventure awaits just a lap away. This innovative feature is poised to test the skills of the most seasoned racers while offering spectators an unparalleled viewing experience.

Over the past three months, One Raceway has engaged in intensive collaboration with the Goulburn Mulwaree Council and the dedicated motorsport community. Their collective aim? To forge a future that not only promises an unmatched racing experience but also catalyses economic growth for the region. With an official endorsement and a roadmap that has received the council's approval, the trajectory for One Raceway seems promising.

Balancing Noise and Spectacle: One Raceway's southern noise wall is on the brink of completion, and its northern counterpart is progressing steadily. These structures are not just designed as noise barriers; they serve as prime vantage points for fans. Moreover, noise levels are being responsibly managed, with a cap set at 95dB.

In a collaborative effort with Motorsport Australia and Motorcycling Australia, One Raceway is integrating top-tier safety features. These range from redesigned pit exits and refined track corners to international-standard light panels and timing systems. One Raceway has prioritised durability, opting for a comprehensive circuit resurfacing. Additionally, they are implementing advanced drainage systems, ensuring the track remains race-ready regardless of weather conditions. 

One Raceway is keen on elevating the overall experience for all stakeholders. With a focus on continuous improvement, they have resurfaced the paddock and are actively seeking feedback for facility-wide enhancements.

A Call to Action for Motorsport Enthusiasts
One Raceway is actively seeking the support of the motorsport community. They are inviting enthusiasts to volunteer and contribute to bringing this visionary project to fruition. Whether one possesses trade skills, harbours a passion for motorsport, or simply wishes to be part of this historic journey, every contribution will inch them closer to the grand launch slated for the first half of 2024.


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