Adam Murrihy Set To Race At The Bend After Disastrous Crash

Adam Murrihy may have seen his Goldenstates Nitro Funny Car campaign end up in ‘the beach’ at the Perth Motorplex, but the Territorian is pleased to report the resulting damage to the A.M Motorsports Nitro Freak won’t derail his plans for Dragway at The Bend’s Festival State Nationals (January 13/14).

Murrihy was on a barnstormer of a final pass for what was the second round of the Nitro Funny Cars National Drag Racing Championship (NDRC) season, when all of a sudden things went wrong.

“We had a couple of qualifiers to start that weren’t that great, we had a new set of tyres on for the first one and just as the clutch came in it shook the tyres up the deep end, and it pretty much did the same thing for the second qualifier, so it is safe to say qualifying wasn’t fantastic for us,” Murrihy explained.

“Then in round one we were up against then title leader Justin Walshe and we were on a real nice pass but it started drifting to the right and was about to shake the tyres, so I had a quick pedal and that just took us across to the centre line and clipped the 1000ft marker, so that pass was disqualified.

“In round two we had an air line in the cab come off, so in the starting area when we turned the bottle on that runs the fuel management system the leak used all the air and we weren’t able to do that run.

“Then came the third and final run – the exciting one! It was a good run, the car was happy, it just started making its way across to the right a little towards the finish line, feeling a bit loose.

“I threw the parachutes out and it didn’t seem to make a great amount of difference, so I had to get back on the steering wheel and the brake and try and get it off the wall, and we just ran out of runway in the end.

While there is a fair amount of work to do, Murrihy says there are no concerns about not being able to make the next round of the Nitro Funny Car title chase.

“The crew has had a pretty detailed look over the car in Perth and it doesn’t appear to be anything that would keep us away, it will just be a matter of stripping the car and getting it back together,” he said.

The Festival State Nationals at Dragway at The Bend will mark the debut of Nitro Funny Cars at the brand-new venue in South Australia.


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