1100HP GT-R Powered S13 Built For Time Attack

Time Attack Racing combines big boosted engines with wild aerodynamics, and they’re the fastest thing on four wheels around Sydney Motorsport Park. If you’re not up to date with the world of Time Attack Racing in Australia then we’ve condensed everything you need to know about the sport in to four simple words - World Time Attack Challenge.

The event, held annually at Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP), is the beginning, middle and end for Time Attack Racing on Australian shores, and is so prolific that it attracts tens of thousands of spectators to watch the fastest teams from all around the world set the fastest possible flying lap of SMSP in their class.

Built and campaigned by Queensland suspension gurus MCA Suspension, the Nissan S13 affectionately known as ‘Hammerhead’ due to its unique front aero, won back-to-back titles in 2016 and 2017, ending Kosta Pohorukov’s winning streak in his Tilton Racing Mitsubishi Evo.

In the Tilton era of WTAC, a 1:23min lap of SMSP was considered uncatchably quick, but by 2017 the MCA Hammerhead was lapping the Eastern Creek circuit in 1:20min. MCA parted ways with the S13 in early 2022, and it’s recently resurfaced with a brand new owner, a new look and a new driveline as it begins testing ahead of WTAC 2023 in September.

The billet SR20 combo’ that was rumoured to make over 850kW is gone, in its place an 1,100hp VR38 twin turbo V6 from an R35 GT-R that’s been transplanted by documented WTAC supporters GT Auto Garage. A quick flick through their socials reveals that they’re fairly comfortable with the VR38 platform, which should make the new and improved S13 a competitive car once again.

The restyling of the exterior was aimed at improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics, and was designed by international aerodynamics whizz Andrew Brilliant. The exterior is raw carbon which isn’t just easy on the eye, it’s also a dead giveaway as to the quality that abounds throughout the rest of the rebuild.

WTAC is one of the most exhilarating forms of circuit racing - it’s fast-paced, exciting and easy to follow if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool circuit racing fan. The WTAC team put on a hell of a show around the racing - check out their socials for more information about the 2023 event.


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