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Rare Spares
A leader in automotive aftermarket, Rare Spares is ready to provide you with high quality car spare parts and accessories. Car Restoration & Replacement Parts As their business name suggests, Rare Spares provides quality spare and replacement parts for classic cars and rare vehicles. They have been in the industry for more than four decades and have contributed greatly to restorations of Holdens in Australia.  But more than being a supplier of rare automotive spare parts, the brand is proud of their passion for automobiles. They invested in product development and entered the world of OEM and industrial rubber for automotive use. Now, Rare Spares maintains two modern warehouses in Australia to house their wide range of restoration and replacement parts, car components and accessories. From clips and fasteners to cables and body panels, for Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota and all other car makes and models, Rare Spares is a brand to rely on. As Good As the Original Proud that their... More
Ross Performance Parts
Ross Performance Parts is here to help you make sure your modified car can go harder. With more than three decades of experience in the automotive industry, they sure know how to meet the demands of modern racing.  Count on Ross Performance Parts’ engine protection solutions for your performance automotive needs. They have not just the right products but also the technical know-how to design, develop and manufacture auto parts that can give you some decent gains in the horsepower department. Need a trigger system? A wet sump system? Harmonic dampers? Idler assembly with serpentine belt? A replacement crank timing pulley for Nissan CA18 engines? Ross Performance Parts can supply all of these, and more, to you. Whether you’re eyeing to bolt on some additional power or just want to settle with a minimal performance improvement for the meantime, you can rely on Ross’ high-quality performance parts. They’re a trusted Australian company loved by automotive fans around the world. Their service that... More
A leading supplier of automotive and motorcycle aftermarket products, VPW offers an extensive selection of upgrade, replacement and spare parts. The company partnered with a variety of leading brands to develop a wide range of reliable yet very affordable aftermarket products. With VPW’s vision to globally provide affordable automotive and motorcycle aftermarket solutions, you now have the option to choose a reliable automotive aftermarket product at a more budget-friendly cost. VPW is proud to offer you premium quality engine components, clams and separators, steering pumps and brackets, drag racing wheels, timing and ignition tools, brake boosters and more. Aside from offering aftermarket car parts under their business name, they also offer replacement and upgrade parts from their partners like Braille Battery, Callies, Disc Brakes Australia, Davies Craig, Cragar Wheels, Corbin, Gates, Racepak and Walbro.  From being a small speed shop back in the day, VPW is now considered as one of Australia’s... More