Ready to upgrade your ignition system? Go ahead and shop at Performance Garage for high-performance ignition systems and engine upgrade components.

We only offer aftermarket ignition modules that ensure reliable spark delivery and throttle response. They are designed using sophisticated electronics and microprocessors. Looking for coils that will burn fuel mixture more efficiently and produce a longer duration spark? Need a conversion kit? Shop now at Performance Garage and find easy to install ignition kits that’ll give you increased fuel mileage, more power and torque.

Combo kits inclusive of ignition box, spark plug wires and coils are available. What you need to control and improve your spark are also part of our extensive selection of automotive parts and components. The other parts you need for replacing or upgrading standard engine components are also right here.

Performance Garage is your one-stop shop for all your aftermarket upgrade parts for increased power and better vehicle performance. 

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