Here is an assortment of hose clamps and hose support clamps to help you keep hoses protected and in place.

We all know that engine bays include a variety of hoses that carry different fluids for different requirements. Over time, the hoses will wear out and will need replacement. Don’t forget to also inspect and replace the clamps that attach and seal the hoses; they are just as important as the hose itself.

Performance Garage brings you a large selection of automotive hose clamps with guaranteed durability, extraordinary performance, and multi-purpose use. From t-bolt clamps and band clamps to tension clamps and tubing couplers, we have what you need.  You’ll find clamps ideal for use on silicone and rubber hoses as well as those for high-pressure applications.

The hose clamps we offer are all engineered for an optimal fit. These aftermarket parts are tested to perform and last. When you need stainless steel hose clamps that will not tear and cut into the hose, just shop online at Performance Garage. 

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